Continuing the tradition…

… in honor of Barry and Susan Kennedy.

Sitting on 90+ acres in North Springs, TN, Hunting Creek Farms is a living and breathing memorial to Susan Kennedy, who passed Febuary 3, 2022. It is also a testament to the lifetime of hard work Barry Kennedy put into his land and his family.

Their daughter, Melinda Brown, and her husband Shane are keeping the tradition alive for their children, and for the entire family that both Kennedys have loved for over half of their lives.


TIMBER: Hunting Creek Farms is 86.9% Deciduous Forest, which will be cut for timber. This is done with an eye for conservation, soil erosion protection, and optimal growth time frames. Meaning some will be cut now (15-20 acres currently), while the rest will be left to grow for years and cut in a stages.

PASTURE AND HAY: 5.7% of HCF is grassland and pasture. With rotational grazing, these areas will alternate from being used as forage for livestock and growing hay for livestock. Currently, we produce Johnson Grass, but we plan to transition to Timothy and Alfalfa in the coming seasons.

BEEF AND MUTTON: While this aspect is in its early stages for HCF, cattle have run this land for the last 30 years for our family, and for many more before that. Sheep are a new addition to the farm that we are very incorporate.

FODDER: We grow our own fodder for our animals to consume. This economical and nutritious option supplements our traditional hay and feed regimens.

MISC: Grape vines, blackberries and other crops in small scale are produced here at HCF currently. An orchard is currently being planned along with other seasonal crops beginning Spring 2023. We look forward to diversifying our products and starting on these new adventures.